The New Studio

After leaving the old studio due to closure, I have a new studio space!! As you can see in the picture it is very bare but I am very excited to use this space to do all my screen printing and dying fabric. I have nearly all the equipment for creating my lovely screen print designs, the only thing left is to make a table which I am hoping my dad will help me out as I am not much of a DIY person!

By Monday I should have the studio set up and will show you a picture of it next week. So far it has been a great experience doing this business from scratch, I have learnt so much and I am sure I have plenty more to learn! Once the studio is up and running I will put up a video showing how screen printing works and talk through the designs and the process. I think it would be good to let you see how your products are made.


As well as making products for Amy McGregor label I have also been busying doing some freelance. One of the projects I am doing is designing for iPhones and IPads covers. It is a company called Keka, they allow designers like myself to create designs for you and keka produce and sell them for us. There are loads of lovely designs on their website and many talented people. I will have 10 designs on keka website which hopefully will be on sale in 2 weeks and will keep you informed. If you are interested you can take look at the website .

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